Artistic Metal Wall Clocks
Joseph Ferris
Boca Raton, Florida

Contemporary metal art clocks and abstract wall clocks are some of my fun and unique items to create.
Located in South Florida's Boca Raton, Joseph's art sculpture studio has been creating beautiful wall clocks
for over 40 years. The added motion to his contemporary wall clocks, create a kind of art in motion. Feel free to browse
my collection of artistic wall clocks to find the perfect piece for your home or office. I can also customize any clock
in size or color.

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modern wall clock with contemporary art colors

modern wall sculptured clock

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gold painted wall clock painted metal clock with aluminum gold and copper contemporary clock gold colored wall clock

Textured Wall Clocks Page 2A
textured metal clock
aluminum accented wall clock

metal wall sculptured clock
Contemporary wall clock with purple and gold accents
Metal wall clock sculpture with red and black colors
Marron and tan wall clock sculptors
wall art metal clock

red and blue wall sculptured clock

black and white contemporary clock

gold and black wall clock with aluminum accents
WC201 - 42"x25" WC202 - 42"x25" WC203 - 42"x25" WC204 - 42"x25"

WC301 WC302 WC303 WC304 WC305
The clocks above are available in THREE SIZES!
WC401 WC402 WC403 WC404
WC501 WC502 WC503
WC601 - 20" x 20" " WC602 - 20" x 20"

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Thank you for visiting my collection of contemporary metal wall clock designs. My thirty years of experience creating artistic clocks adds a new dimension of movement to my designs. Now with the new textured wall clock designs, you may also add a truly unique contemporary wall clock design to any room and make a great conversation piece. They also compliment any of my previous designs to make a great wall art grouping. All my wall clocks come with a lifetime warranty and will give many years of enjoyment as I have had in creating them.