Contemporary Metal Wall Art
Joseph Ferris
Boca Raton, Florida

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Other Custom sizes and colors available!

Contemporary Wall Art
Item # CWA-201

Size: 28" x 58"
Price: 2450.00

Here Joseph continues his new designs further expanding his abstract contemporary wall art accented with hand brushed aluminum.

Here is the piece above installed in the clients home with with two beautiful accent pieces on either side of the main wall sculpture. This way allows the set to really open up and cover large wall areas.

Three Piece Set $ 3200.00
Center Size: 28" x 58"
Accents 26" x 14" Each
Item # CWA-201-3 Piece Set

Contemporary Wall Art
Item # CWA-202 (Sets)
These can be purchase as a set or individually.

Center Piece is 16" x 30" 650.00
2 Medium Accents 16 " x 16"

225.00 Each

Set Prices Below:
Center Piece is 16" x 30" and
2 Small Accents 12" x 12"
Price $950.00 (All three Pieces)

Wall Art
Item # CWA-203

Size: 36" x 56"
Price: $2250.00

Contemporary Wall Art
Item # CWA-204

Size: 42 " x 24 "
Price: $925.00

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