Designer Metal Wall Art Series
Joseph Ferris
Avon Park, Florida

The designs below are my designer brushed metal wall art designs with vibrant exciting colorations developed with advanced painting techniques. Each piece is an original fine art metal wall sculpture created and signed by Joseph himself. They can be hung in many positions allowing that perfect presentation. Each piece is protected with a long lasting clear coat to provide many years of enjoyment. Custom sizes and colors are available.

contemporary metal wall art with vibrant coloration
Left Piece
Center Piece

Right Piece
Please Note: .With this advanced coloration process, each piece Joseph creates becomes a unique and original art form and truley take on a life of their own. All of these pieces shown here are sold and represent a sample of what can be created for you. Once Joseph recieves your order he will personally contact you to give you an overview of the creative process that will result in that perfect piece designed specifically for you. Photographs of your piece will be provided during the painting process to make sure you are completly satisfied with your original art piece. Your order will be as creative and vibrant as the beautiful art pieces shown below, satifaction guaranteed!
Thank you.

abstract paintings on metal


metallic art paintings with beautiful and vibant colors

contemporary metal wall art paintings


abstract metal wall sculptures and metal paintings

This is a sample of a design without the brushed aluminum border, all pieces can be done with or without the custom border.