Contemporary Wall Clocks
Joseph Ferris
Boca Raton, Florida

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Joseph's decorative wall clocks have become very popular for their unique designs. His metal wall clocks incorporate brushed aluminum faces and accents which match perfectly with the other elements in the design. You can also order custom wall clocks where your own colors and design ideas can be added. The entire collection of contemporary wall clocks, metal wall clocks, and custom wall clocks, offer a variety of colors and designs to choose from each of which will be a beautiful addition to any room.

New Clock design below from my textured wall art collection!

WC-100 Size: 42" x 30" Price $1250.00 10" Clock Face

modern wall clock sculpture with artistic black and white contemporary shapes
clock wall art piece with red, yellow and blue modern accent colors
WC101 42" x 30" $1250.00
WC102 42" x 30" $1250.00

Stunning contemporary sculptured art wall clocks. These FABULOUS pieces have a 10" round aluminum clock face with a hand brushed metal art swirl finish. Perforated aluminum is used in these contemporary art design clocks for texture and composition. The hand cut accents are stacked to create dimension. The black steel rods have a baked on finish for long lasting beauty! The high quality quartz motor is made in America and has a lifetime warranty. Custom colors available to fit any decor.

purple wall art clock with brushed metal clock face gold colored wall art clock sculpture with modern gold colored accents
WC103 42" x 30" $1250.00
WC104 42" x 30" $1250.00

metal wall clock design with art purple colored accents
contemporary art clock with red colors
WC105 42" x 30" $1250.00
WC106 42" x 30" $825.00

marroon colored wall art clock
gold textured modern wall art clock
WC107 42" x 30" $1250.00

WC108 42" x 24 " $825.00

The artistic contemporary wall clocks above are some of my newest colors and designs. The brushed aluminum metal accents add great contrast to the bright colors and artistic designs. The colors in my contemporary wall clocks can be custom matched to fit your own decor. All of the above artistic wall clocks have a 10" brushed aluminum metal clock face.

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