Artistic Metal Wall Clocks
Joseph Ferris
Boca Raton, Florida

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This OUTSTANDING Art Deco style wall clock has a hand brushed aluminum face. Perforated aluminum is used for texture with overlapping stacked colored accents. The large circle is made of 3/4" thick wood product to create depth. The clock has 3 brackets on the back for hanging; this is to allow you to hang it at different angles, see photos below. The high quality quartz motor is made in America and has a lifetime warranty. Custom colors available.

WC301 16x16 $245.00 (6" Clock Face)

WC301 20x20 $295.00 (8" Clock Face)
WC301 24x24 $395.00 (10" Clock Face)


WC302 16x16 $245.00 (6"
Clock Face)
WC302 20x20 $295.00 (8" Clock Face)
WC302 24x24 $395.00 (10 " Clock Face)

WC303 16x16 $245.00 (6" Clock Face)
WC303 20x20 $295.00 (8" Clock Face)
WC303 24x24 $395.00 (10" Clock Face)

Same piece just hung at a different position!

WC304 16x16 $245.00 (6" Clock Face)
WC304 20x20 $295.00 (8" Clock Face)
WC304 24x24 $395.00 (10" Clock Face)

WC305 16x16 $245.00 (6" Clock Face)
WC305 20x20 $295.00 (8" Clock Face)
WC305 24x24 $395.00 (10" Clock Face)

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All pieces are signed!